Tuesday 13th - Thursday 15th June 2023

Did you Know?

Nigeria’s population of 198 million is predicted to increase to over 260 million by 2030, and is set to be the third most populous country in the world by 2050.


Food and Beverage West Africa is ideally positioned to bring food and beverage manufacturers, and exporters from across the world together with regional importers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers to make connections and do business.

Most shoppers continue to use the traditional marketplace, but these are responding to the need to modernise. Retailers are looking for the latest innovation in products and deals on established favourites, whether sourced locally or imported.

And with an increasing consumer interest in convenience and quality, supermarkets and hypermarkets are starting to gain in market share in Nigeria. More than half of shoppers will use them, and sales account for 26% of spend of an estimated US$60 billion industry sector, according to Nelson Nigeria Shopper Trends 2017 report. It means food manufacturers and suppliers are looking to increase brand awareness on supermarket shelves.

Whether your business is on the production, distribution, or retailing side, Food and Beverage West Africa will be the place to showcase your products and services to the people responsible for importing and distributing food and beverage products to the largest chains through to the local market suppliers, still the largest sector for F&B retailing in West Africa.

The show will help you meet the right importer and/or distributor for entering one of the world’s fastest growing F&B markets.

Our unique knowledge of Africa – and in particular the Nigerian market – means that we can help promote your business to all the relevant stakeholders who want and are looking for your products.


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