Food and Beverage West Africa: Made-in-Nigeria products record huge patronage

Local Nigerian producers of food & beverage products had huge success at the 2019 Food and Beverage West Africa Exhibition.

The News Agency of Nigeria excitedly reported that numerous stands at FAB had fantastic products, all of which seemed alluring to many of the attending visitors. Mrs Omotayo Alabi, an official of Omonide Farms Ltd exhibiting at the event, remarked that the decision to come to the event became imperative because they observed that Nigerians needed healthy, wholesome and home grown foods.

“The turnout has been impressive. We have had to call in for more products from our office because what we have here did not meet the demand. The exhibition was a great opportunity to showcase healthy foods that are Made-in-Nigeria for Nigerians, well packaged and affordable,’’ she commented. Mr Olumide Olayomi, Chairman of Omonide Farms, who was represented by an official of the firm, identified as Kingsley, highlighted recent challenges affecting exportation of their products overseas. He said: “Although, we have been pushing through most of these challenges because we are majorly an African food exporter, we work hard to meet international standards for the U.S. and Canada markets.

“One of the major challenges in the export process is the Apapa road issue, getting our products through those roads is a task. Then incentives by the Federal Government for exporters are not coming as they should among others,’’ he said. The officials, however, commended the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) for their support, especially exposing them through the drill of meeting standards to eradicate rejection at the receiving country. Omonide Farms is the maker of O-Funirem Foods registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they produce smoked catfish, plantain flour, pounded yam flour, locust beans powder, cassava flour, yellow and white gari and Ofada rice among others in different sizes.

Another exhibitor, Riella Agro-Tech Ltd, showcased their Benue Yam Poundo, Benue fresh yams, and fruits like pineapples from Edo, mangoes, cashew nuts, palm oil and honey.
Mr Olu Peters, Head of Commodities, expressed that although the farm was located in Benue, they had an office outlet in Lagos which was the commercial hub of the country. Peters said: “This exhibition is a good initiative, we are excited to be showcasing our products. We all know Benue for the sweet yams they produce, that is why our bestseller, Benue Poundo is doing great. Our fruits are also doing well because they are sumptuous and well cultivated, people have been rushing for them,’’ he said.

Peters, however, identified some challenges in transportation of perishable produce, taxation, electricity and lack of government incentives to keep people in business. One visitor commented that she was happy with such an event because a buyer could easily trace the source of the products one buys.

The Food and Beverage West Africa Exhibition is organised by  BtoB Events bridging the gap between buyers and consumers as well as creating a market for economic stability via luring foreign investors into the country.

Food & Beverage West Africa will exhibit again on the 17th-19th of June 2020.

Please contact the BtoB Events team for more information on visiting or exhibiting at the next show.


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